Hotstar Mod Apk Vip Unlocked New Version is a well-known name. You must have heard about this too? And it is also being used? If you haven’t used Hotstar Modded Apk 2021 yet.

Hotstar VIP App Lets You Watch TV Shows, Movies, And Other Content Online. Watch All Premium Movies And Shows With This Hotstar MOD Version. Movies Are More Fun To Watch At Home Rather Than At The Theatre For Many People.

You Will Absolutely Love This App If You Are One Of Them. Time And Money Can Be Saved With This App. Now That You Have The Best Hotstar Mod Apk Available, You Can Also Watch HD Movies And Television Shows On Netflix Mod Apk.

The Following Article Contains A Download Link For Hotstar Mod Apk Vip Unlocked New Version. This Post Will Take You Through All The Features Of The Application And Explain How To Download And Install It On Your Mobile Device.

We Have Included Frequently Asked Questions About This App At The End Of This Article. You Can Download It For Free Without Having To Pay Anything Since This Is A Mod Version For Free.

So good news for you. Because in this article we are giving you complete information about what is Hotstar Modded Apk and how to use it. But first, let us know some things about Hotstar itself.

What is Hotstar Mod Apk 2021?

Hotstar is a digital entertainment platform. Which are used for watching online TV, movie, live matches, serials, science. And video-on-demand and live streaming service is also provided.

Hotstar was launched on 6 February 2015. However, today it is available on iOS, Fire TV, Apple TV, and Web (as a website) platform in addition to Android. Entertaining people in 9 languages.

Headstar owns Novi Digital Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. It is a company of Hotstar India owned by Walt Disney India.

Why Download Hotstar Mod Apk?

The simple answer to this is that in today’s time people prefer to watch TV on mobile. Because not many people watch Television nowadays. In this case, Hostar MOD APK can be a great deal for you. With its help, you can watch any show anytime free and according to your time.

Features of Hotstar Mod Apk 2021

Hotstar Mod APK

Video-on-demand – This feature of Hotstar is like Trump’s card of entertainment. The content is already uploaded on Hotstar servers and you can access it anytime. It means that you can watch your favorite shows anytime and from anywhere. And can choose movies, video songs, album methods, etc.

Live Streaming – Now most people need not sit in front of Tv for hours. You can watch cricket matches Live because of the Live Streaming feature of Hotstar, IPL 2019 live, and new sports only through mobile. And at your convenience, you can enjoy the live match.

You also get to watch all the TV channels available on the Star Network on the TV channel – Hotstar. So you can watch any particular channel. Here you can enjoy all the channels of Life OK, Star World, HBO, Show Time, Star India, National Geographic, Star Utsav, Star Sports Series.

Benefits of Hotstar Modded Apk

Hotstar is giving you a very happy experience with TV and you can use it whenever you want, at your convenience. This feature makes it unique from television. Some of its benefits are being discussed below.

Your control – Hastar remains completely under your control. And you also decide what you see. Hotstar does not control you in this case. You can also stop a program and go out for a walk. And can come and see it from there. Also, you can walk, eat, and enjoy live streaming.

Easy to use – Hellstar is very easy to operate and control. The way you use other applications, it is used in the same way. For accessing Hotstar you only need a mobile device/pc and a good internet connection. For Television, you need many gadgets before you can access the content. But no starring is required to use Hotstar. You can use it from a smartphone only.

The cheapest from TV – you save the cost of hardware directly. By using Hotstar Mod Apk you are literally getting its premium membership content for free.

Available in the local language – Halstar is currently filming in 9 languages. Apart from Hindi, English, Bang, Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil Marathi, Kannada, and Gujarati are included. Live matches are also made available on Hotstar in other films besides streaming. Which are mentioned below.

How to Use Hotstar Mod Apk?

Hotstar can be used only on a mobile. If you want to run Hotstar Free on a computer, then there no way for you. And for mobile, you can download the Hotstar Premium Mod Apk Latest Version.

You will need to install the Hotstar Cracked Apk version if you want premium features of Hotstar for Free. 

How To Install Hotstar Mod Apk VIP Unlocked

Hotstar Mod APK

Friends Hotstar Premium Mod Apk is an app with which you can watch live T.V, daily shows, serials, sports like cricket, and much more on your mobile phone for free. Installing Premium Hotstar Mod is very easy. Recently Hotstar has launched its new version Disney + Hotstar. By downloading Disney+ Hotstar you will get a new experience of it.

Hotstar Mod apk works in many languages ​​like Hindi, English, Bangla, Tamil, Punjabi, etc. You can easily download and install this app on your phone.

It’s very challenging to find a working version of Hotstar Mod Apk Vip Unlocked New Version for IPL. Yet, we will be able to provide it. Following the steps below will get you there.

Step 1: you need to click on the Download button. Your browser will redirect you to the Download Hotstar Premium Mod Apk page.

Step 2: By clicking on Start Download, you will be able to download your app. Within a few seconds, the downloading process will begin.

Step 3: Now open the file manager and find the game you downloaded. During the first installation of the game using File Manager, you may have to grant some permissions.

Step 4: Activate the Allow from this source switch by clicking on the Settings option.

Step 5: Use the back button to return to the installation screen and try again. There will be no problem installing it this time.

Installing it on your device will take a few seconds. After installation, the Hotstar Mod Apk Vip Unlocked New Version is ready to use

Note: Before installing this modded version, you must uninstall any previous version. We strongly recommend you to join our telegram channel for regular updates on Hotstar Mod Apk Free.

How to Watch Cricket Live on Hotstar?

Hotstar Mod APK

Cricket is a very popular game in India. It is followed by millions of people. The best Live Cricket watch ever seen is the Hotstar Application. You can watch Live Cricket from the online internet by installing it on an Android Mobile Phone.

Information about Fast and Streaming Live Running App is presented at such right time. At the same time, they have also been told in detail. Download whatever you like on your phone. In addition to today’s cricket matches, you can also watch TV, episode, Movie, Serial, Video Songs. Which all the apps are in it. Explained below

Check Also: Spotify Premium Apk Mod

Apart from cricket, TV, Serial (Drama), Movie (Film) Shows, Sports (Sports) like- Cricket, Kabaddi, Football, Badminton, Table Tennis, Formula 1, eSports, Martial Arts, Hockey, Athletics, Golf, Swimming, Can see boxing. And we also show news on it.


Hotstar is a good-to-go streaming platform, especially if you are living in India. Recently, it has done a partnership with Disney+ and has now got all the content available on disney+ as well.

In this article, we have given you complete information about the Hotstar Mod Apk VIP Unlocked New Version.  Also, some advantages and features are also known. We hope that this article will provide some valuable information to you.

Photo editing applications on either a laptop or cellphone are now available in various variations. Even some applications that were previously only used on laptops now have mobile versions. One of the popular photo editing applications is Adobe Lightroom mod apk.

This application, which is still under Adobe‘s developer, offers something different from the others. As the name implies, Lightroom itself is used for better lighting and filter editing in a photo.

Adobe Lightroom is here to meet the editing needs of users who are not satisfied with the Photoshop application which is still its brother. Photo Editing needs such as adjusting lighting are now in this one application.

Some of the basic features like Highlight, Saturation, Temperature, Contrast,and so on are also found in Lightroom. One of the highlights in this application is that users can combine a combination of filter A with other settings so that the photo becomes better.

Let’s say the user has a photo that is poorly lit and colors are less vivid. So it can be fixed using this application by setting the Contrast and so on so that the photo becomes better.

Adobe Lightroom Mod Apk v6.0 latest version download 2020

App Name Adobe Lightroom Mod Apk
Mod Version v6.0
Mod Features Premium Unlocked
Apk Size 90 MB
Updated On 22 Octomber 2020
Offered By Adobe
Installation Guide Check Below

You can Download Adobe Lightroom Mod Apk From The Below link

Download Now

How to Download Adobe Lightroom Mod Apk in Android

Step 1: First download the latest Lightroom Pro Mod Apk.

Step 2: While waiting for the download, go to the Settings, Security menu,and look for the Install setting from unknown sources. Check the column.

Step 3: After the download is complete, find the downloaded file and do the installation.

Step 4: If a notification appears, click Yes or Next to continue the process.

Step 5: Wait until the process is complete and the mod version of the application can be used.

Features of Adobe Lightroom Mod Apk 

No Ads

In the standard version, users will get a few ads every time they use it, but not very often. Even though the advertisements are not too many, for most people it is certainly very annoying. Users have to upgrade to the item version to remove it.

The upgrade process is of course inseparable from the costs that must be incurred and are quite expensive. But in this mod version, users are free from advertisements and don’t need to pay payment fees. The use of course becomes more effective and comfortable.

No Root

Most of the Adobe Photoshop mod version of the application requires the user to first root the cellphone system. However, third-party developers of this application do not ask users to root before using it.

Users just need to download and install,as usual, then the application can be used. This is of course very beneficial because you root yourself on each cellphone in different ways and do not immediately work in one go.

Update Presets

Presets or special filters on a photo are one of the advantages of this application. In the standard version, there are several presets that are provided free of charge. There are also other presets that are not yet open because they require premium members.

Users now don’t have to bother with spending money, because this mod version has been updated to be more varied. Of course, what was previously accessible using premium members can also be accessed for free.

Custom Preset

Users are given the right to create their own presets, but the number is quite limited in one account. Using this mod version makes users more flexible in making unlimited custom presets and trying other combinations.

Unlimited Layers

Generally, users can only add a few layers in each photo editing. This limitation is certainly a drawback to the original version. However, this was later fulfilled in the mod version this time. Users can add unlimited layers.

Export Full HD Photos

The photo export or photo storage process is very important here. This storage makes the size and quality slightly decreased compared to the original version. This of course will make editing less than optimal.

Third-party developers then develop and cover these shortcomings in the mod version. Thus, users can save photos in full HD according to the original editing without reducing their quality.

Can Add Watermark

Adding a watermark to the editing results indicates that the photo belongs to A. This watermark feature in the original version does not exist and is only found in the premium version by paying.

Now users don’t have to pay anymore because the mod version allows users to add watermarks freely. By adding the watermark, the photo cannot be used freely because it has ownership rights or copyright.

Various Color Filter Variations

The color filters contained in the Lightroom mod apk 2020 have been updated to be more diverse and better than the previous version. The developer takes input from users and improves for the better.

The existence of this color filter allows users to edit photos with certain color filters to make them more beautiful. Percentage filters can also be adjusted according to individual wishes. Can also be adjusted to a specific feed.

Full HD Photo Editing

The latest version of this Lightroom mod apk allows users to do photo editing in full HD. Even photo file extensions like RAW are already supported in the mod version this time. This feature was not previously found in the standard version.

The addition of this feature will certainly make the photo editing process more practical only on cell phones. Especially for people who don’t have much time to hold a laptop, so the editing process can be done on mobile.

Saved Editing History

Generally, when photos are saved as JPG / JPEG, the editing history will be lost. Users can take advantage of the PSD storage facility which allows for re-editing if something doesn’t match.

Users can also disable access permissions when the application is not used for a long period of time. The goal is to avoid things that are not desirable and of course to be safer.

Wrapping it up

Especially for users who want to enhance their Instagram feed design, they will usually use this Adobe Lightroom Mod Apk. This application can be used by Android or iOS users for free and safely. This, everyone,can do photo editing practically and easily.

Today Netflix Premium Cookies 2021: Updated Every Hour: The craze of online streaming apps is now is trending. And Netflix is one of the top apps in the online streaming platform. Where you can explore the new movies and web series and enjoy them with your family and friends.

Because of the time, we spend with our family and friends, which helps us in a happy mood and less stress. And for that Netflix’s online streaming app is good for that.

Today Netflix Cookies 2021: Updated Every Hour

Do guys want to access Netflix for free? And are you looking for free Netflix Accounts? So let’s s stunned here because you guys are coming to the perfect place where you can get Netflix cookies and new accounts that you can play for free.

You know that Netflix is most popular and also known for its trending shows and movies. As of April  2020, Netflix had nearly 182 million paid subscribers worldwide, including 69 million in the United States. And India has nearly 4.1 million subscriptions. is an American media service provider and production company headquartered in Los Gatos, Founded in 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in Scotts Valley, California.

If you are a fan of Netflix web series and movies, and you are getting addicted to Netflix and want to access Netflix for free without any usernames and passwords, stay awake and read this post. Because today you are going to get learn and explore Netflix and Cookies. Stay with us and keep reading.

Download Netflix MOD APK because this is another way for accessing Netflix for free !!!!!!!

What is Netflix Cookies 2021

So let’s come and know more about Netflix. If you see the past 5 to 6 years ago, there were is no smartphone. And the main source of entertainment for young ones is playing on the playground or watching television and somehow once a month to the movie theatre to watch new movies.

But since the smartphone launch, has everything is going to changing so fastly. Everyone is spending their free time with family and friends to watch the latest movies and web series. And also Netflix gives the best video quality options where you can control the quality this is a new update that Netflix has added. Because before this update Netflix not gives you control over the video quality.

Nowadays we found fewer adults and kids are wandering around the garden, Playground, and not seating in front of the television. The reason behind this is Smartphones, as we know a new era is being so advance and no one wants to wait for their web series, movies, and programs.

Because a large number of online streaming platforms have comes like Netflix and many other apps, the Netflix app is going hand over the control to watch what do you want to watch as per your choices. Netflix app is easy to use and control with just one click and you will watch what u like to see.

There are lots of regular users and they don’t have any Netflix premium subscription, then you guys have to keep on this post. The choice is yours because in this article I used to guide people who can not buy a premium account and how to get it.

As we know  Netflix is the best entertaining website/ app today, but it’s paid for.

Here is the list of Netflix packs:-

  • Mobile-only pack – $4 monthly
  • Basic plan – $8.99 monthly
  • Standard plan – $12.99 monthly
  • Premium plan – $15.99 monthly

Many people can not afford it because they do not have enough money to pay.

Now you will understand what do I want to tell you. I just want to give you a free Netflix account that people who can’t afford the premium subscription. Here they will easily access Netflix through Cookies.

What are Netflix Cookies?

Cookies are small data of our daily use of the apps or any websites, which remember your login and serve you good content. Cookies have an expiry date when it gets expired.

Different websites use cookies, thus they are given a notification to allow or not allow. By using the Cookies they can access user data like emails and sessions so that users do not have to log in again and again. The website takes the help of cookies to autologin on the website.

Cookies get expired when a user login out from several websites all cookies data get expired. The cookies data will not help you for autologin or your sessions which u will play on again.

Thus, Netflix cookies will work in the same way. If the user is kept login on to the Netflix app the cookies will not go expired and it can be used for long. And you can log in to many accounts if you have working cookies. You just need to import the working cookies to your browser the procedure I have explained below.

First of all, we need to know how the browser works. When you visit any website, all the details have to get saved on our browser history, cache, and cookies. You should verify first for your surety, open browser setting, and open the cache & cookies and you will see all your data that you browse.

Hope you can understand. Now we export the browser cookies with the help of the Edithtiscookie extension and we can access Netflix without logging out usernames and passwords.

Netflix Cookies 2021 Hourly Updated

Check the cookies given above. Those cookies are working for Netflix Cookies 2021. And if you want to know how to use Cookies to watch Netflix videos for free then keep reading.

Netflix Cookies Download
Netflix Cookies 2021 #1 Get Now
Netflix Cookies #2 Get Now
Netflix Cookies Hourly Updated #3 Get Now
Netflix Cookies Today #4 Get Now
Netflix Cookies #5 Get Now
Netflix Cookies Today #6 Get Now
Check the cookies given above. Those cookies are working for Netflix Cookies 2021. And if you want to know how to use Cookies to watch Netflix videos for free then keep reading.

Netflix Cookies Updated Every Hour
Cookies Type Premium 4 Screen UHD
Cookie Status Working
Last Update Today

Netflix Free Cookies 2021
Cookies Type Premium 4 Screen UHD
Cookie Status Working
Last Update Today

Netflix Premium Cookies
Cookies Type Premium 4 Screen UHD
Cookie Status Working
Last Update Today

Netflix Cookies 2021
Cookies Type Premium 4 Screen UHD
Cookie Status Working
Last Update Today

Netflix Premium Cookies
Cookies Type Premium 4 Screen UHD
Cookie Status Working
Last Update Today

Netflix Premium Cookies
Cookies Type Premium 4 Screen UHD
Cookie Status Working
Last Update Today

Amazon Prime Video Cookies

Free Amazon Prime Video Cookies

In this section, we are updating the daily Amazon Prime Video Cookies. You can use all the premium cookies by clicking on the below button.

What is Netflix Mod Apk?

I am just realized that the feeling of people who cant afford to paid money for Netflix subscriptions. And they also want to watch new movies, web series that rule the audience because Netflix is one of the best platforms that gives a good content movie and web series. And every person is going to crazy, to watch Netflix movies and shows.

Here is a developed app for users who can not afford the monthly cost of a pack. Now they can also use the Netflix premium subscription without paying any amount. Now nobody wants compromise because this article helps to access the Netflix Premium subscription with the help of this Netflix mod apk and Netflix Cookies.

How do Netflix Cookies Work?

Complete all the steps correctly and enjoy Netflix for free;-

Step 1: First, visit the Netflix app to go to the Working cookies

Step 2: From the Netflix cookies options below.

Step 3: After copying the cookies, visit in the new tab.

Step 4: Stay on the Netflix home page and click on the Edithtiscookie extension.

Step 5: Now paste the copied cookies to the Edithtiscookie extension.

Step 6: Now update the Netflix home page tab l, you will be logged into Netflix.

6) Today Netflix Cookies 2021: Updated Every Hour

Try- Amazon Prime Video Cookies

How to Access Netflix Cookies

Step 1. Open Chrome or any browser

First of all, open the chrome browser, search the Editthiscookie extension, and download it to the browser. You receive a direct link for download editthiscookie for Chrome and Editthiscookie for the UC browser

Step 2. Install and Edit

After you successfully download Editthiscookie, you can import the Netflix Cookies into your browser.

Step 3. Paste all Netflix cookies to Editthiscookie and try to log in to Netflix App and enjoy the Netflix free Subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions About Netflix Cookies

Is it Safe To Use Netflix Cookies?

No all cookies are not safe, it all depends on which types of cookies are u used.

Can I Get a Personal Netflix Account?

No, because many users are using these accounts by these cookies.

How to Get a Netflix Account With No Cookies?

If you want to get a free Netflix account then read this post 😁. Otherwise, you have to pay money for a subscription.

Do We Have To Pay Any Kind Of Money To Use This?

No, you don’t have to pay any amount for This.

What Happened When I Joked About Cookies From Any Account?

Then your IP is prohibited for access to this website, and you cannot use more cookies.


Hope you guys access Netflix Cookies 2021 and enjoy the Netflix content. If you really enjoy it and if you really felt that my post helps you out for accessing the Netflix services for free.

Then please share our post and helps out others who want to experience it. If you have any queries please let us know below the comment section.


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