PGT+: Pro GFX & Optimizer (With Advance Settings Premium Apk)

PGT+ Pro Gfx & Optimizer v0.18.6 (with Advance Settings Apk Download): Do you want to become a Pro PUBG mobile player but can not do it just because of the game lag? If your answer is yes then you came to the right website.

Today in this post on our TipsBeen website, I am going to share everything about PGT+ Pro GFX & Optimizer Apk which is known as Pgt Pro apk. This apk can make your PUBG mobile game buttery smooth.

Before I start telling you about its features, downloading, and installation process, you should check the application details given below.

PGT Pro GFX & Optimizer (with Advance Setting)

PGT+ Pro GFX & Optimizer (With Advance Settings Premium Apk)

Name Pro GFX & Optimizer (with Advance Setting)
Size 2 MB
Mod Version 0.18.7
Offered By Trilokia Inc.
Mod Features
  1. Unlock greater FPS and graphics,
  2. Downgrade graphics settings,
  3. Shadow quality, zero lag mode,
  4. Battery efficient mode for pubg,
  5. GPU & Graphics optimisation,
  6. PAID cracked mod
Price Free
Support Pubg Mobile v1.0.0
Updated On November 2020

You can Download PGT+: Pro GFX & Optimizer v0.18.7 from the below link.

You only have to install this Gfx Tool for PUBG Apk (with advance setting) on your Android smartphone then do some basic settings. And you’re totally ready to play your PUBG mobile game without any lag and frame drops on your phone.

If you have ever played PUBG Mobile on your phone then you would definitely know that it is a very heavy game that consumes a lot of memory and resources.

This means that if you do not have a device with high RAM and storage, then you cannot play PUBG mobile games properly on your device. Also, you can face some graphics restrictions such as you cannot enable Ultra mode and HDR in the game.

Yes, I know that PUBG Mobile game has many hidden graphics settings which improves performance but you need a premium gfx tool to unlock them. Most of the tools of gfx are not working after update 0.1.0, many of those accounts are restricted.

So, today, I have written an article on this PGT+: Pro GFX & Optimizer (With Advanced Settings) which is 100% working and safe to use.

Keep reading this article and you will understand everything about this gfx tool. After this guide, you can easily implement the best setting for any android device.

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What is the PUBG GFX Tool?

The Gfx tool is an application that connects with your game’s host file and unlocks the peak frame rate. Frame rate or FPS is an abbreviation for frames per second.

PUBG is a universal mobile game now that can be downloaded on any Android Smartphone. It faces a big issue of in-game satisfaction as low-end Android devices may not have the specifications to support the running of the game in its highest customization.

PUBG officially launched the PUBG Lite version to help curb the issue but even the Lite version has this problem too. Also, people who are using low-end units are not proud of the PUBG developers. Low-end Android devices can still not run this game smoothly.

At this point, PGT Gfx Toolkit is the best solution for you. This toolkit supplies a spread of customizations that permit customers to make customized PUBG customizations similar to altering object particulars, unlocking FPS, shading, growing or reducing decision, and growing optimization. PUBG Mobile will work smoothly.

What Is Pro GFX & Optimizer Apk?

Pro GFX & Optimizer Apk is a paid version or premium version of the official pub gfx free tool where users can enjoy all the premium features like 1920*1080 FHD resolution, Enhance the sound quality, Extreme 120 FPS, and many more for free. Access the deeper setting of PUBG Mobile and experience smooth gameplay in any situation.

With Pro GFX & Optimizer, you can:

  • You can unlock HD graphics.
  • Enable Shadows
  • Enjoy potato graphics on the latest pubg version
  • Enable 60fps on the low-end device
  • Automatically boost device memory
  • Fix choppy graphics and game lag
  • Export your perfect setting

We all know that there are only three graphics options available in the game by default, i.e., Low, medium, and high.

If you have a flagship Android smartphone then you can play the PUBG game easily without facing any lag issue even on medium fps settings.

But if you have a low-end Android device then you have to use ultra or extreme frame rate. And you have to keep your game texture and game graphics as low as possible on the game.

Features Of Pro GFX & Optimizer Mod Apk

As I already told you, this is a paid version of the Pro GFX & Optimizer. It means that you will not get some advanced features and settings for free on your device. Now have a look at its unique features which you like most.

In-Built Game Setting

PGT+: Pro GFX & Optimizer December 2020 (With Advance Settings Apk Download)

Personally, this is my most liked feature in the PUBG Gfx Tool. You will get several Pubg Gfx tools available on the Google Play store but on those several Gfx tools for PUBG, you have to manually configure them to unlock extreme settings.

We know that every Android smartphone performs in a completely different way. And it means, we have to configure the gfx tool according to our Android Smartphone specification.

For some people, it is really a tough task to configure the gfx tool for the best performance. But when you will use this In-built game setting then you can easily set up your graphics, texture, and render quality.

How To Use In-built game setting:

  • First of all, you have to open a Pubg gfx tool pro apk on your device.
  • And then, you will click on the ‘Best settings for your device’ option.
  • In the next step, you will search your device name using the search bar. After this, you will click on the ‘Import’ button.
  • If your friend has the same device as yours then you can send your installed setting to your friends also.

Unlock Extreme 60 FPS

Best GFX Tool For PUBG 60 FPS

This is another important feature of this PGT Pro APK latest version that we are going to know. We all know that FPS plays a big role in performance. If your fps are higher then the gameplay will be smoother automatically.

But by default, we have only three options in graphics settings, i.e., 20fps, 25fps, and 30fps. If you are playing PUBG on 30 FPS on your low-end device then you may face choppy texture and device lag. When you will start using this Best Gfx tool then you can easily unlock the Ultra and Extreme frame rate even on your low-end devices.

Boost Memory

PGT+ Pro GFX & Optimizer

PUBG is really a popular and big game that consumes lots of memory and space on your device. If you want better gameplay then you have to clean your device’s memory regularly. And if you do it manually then it will take lots of effort.

That’s why we always recommend using Pro GFX & Optimizer Pro Apk. After activating the memory boost option, the gfx+ tool will automatically clean your device memory and stop any background running applications.

How To Activate Boost Memory Option:

  • Firstly, you will open the Pro GFX & Optimizer on your device.
  • Now, you have to go to the Advanced Graphics option.
  • Then, you will enable the Boost Memory switch.
  • Keep in mind that you do not have to remove PGT from the background; Otherwise, this function will not work.

Easy to Use Interface

Easy to Use Interface

If you’re using this Pro GFX & Optimizer Apk tool on your device for the first time and worried about the interface then you shouldn’t worry.

Because it’s an easy to use interface and it can be understood by any person easily. All settings and options are arranged in a specific way so that you don’t mess up when you choose a specific option.

Also, I want to recommend you choose the first option only for better usability i.e., ‘Best settings for your device’. This option will automatically make changes to your game according to your device specification.

Anti Ban

This is another best feature of the Pro GFX & Optimizer Premium Version. If you already played the PUBG game then you know that PUBG directly bans the account which makes any modifications with their game files.

I have personally tried many different gfx tools on my device but most of them were not working properly and those gfx tools don’t have any anti-ban system. But when you’ll use this GFX+ Tool then you will get an anti-ban system that will protect your PUBG account even if you unlocked HD extreme fps.

Some More Features:

Below I am sharing some more features that you should know about the PUBG Gfx+ Tool Pro Apk.

  • It has Dark mode.
  • You can enable HDR.
  • Dynamic Shadow Rendering
  • Also, you can change fps according to your need.
  • Supports potato graphics
  • Supports Various game variant
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How to Download and Install Pro GFX & Optimizer Pro Apk

The installation process of this application is very easy and simple. Anyone who has a little knowledge about Android smartphones can easily download and install it on their device.

Below, I gave a step-by-step tutorial so that you can easily download and install it on your Android device.

Step 1: First of all, you have to click on the download button which you can see below. After clicking on the download button, you will be redirected to the main Download page.

Step 2: In the next step, you have to click on the download link from the redirected download page. Then the downloading process will start on your screen.

Note: While your apk is downloading, you should enable the setting of the unknown source from your mobile settings.

Step 3: When the Pgt Pro apk is successfully downloaded on your device then you have to open the File Manager and open the Download folder. Here, you will see the downloaded apk file. Tap on that file to install the apk on your device.

Step 4: In the last step, you have to click on the install button and follow some instructions. Now, you will wait until the PUBG gfx tool is installed successfully on your device.

Step 5: Once the Pgt Pro Apk is installed on your device then you can use it for free.

Final Words:

I hope you got the Pgt Pro Apk 2020 on your device from our download link which you can use to improve your gameplay easily. Now enjoy PUBG mobile game on your low-end device without facing any lag problem.

Also, if you have any problems or questions about the Best Gfx Tool for Pubg, comment below. I would love to solve all your questions. And, share this article with your friends who also need to see this.  Thanks for visiting our website.

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