Top 10 Best Background Eraser Apps For Android And iPhone

Photo Background Remover apps :- Hello friends, in this post we are providing Top 10 best Background eraser app 2019 – 2020 For Android and iPhone mobile, everyone know in photo editing background is most important. Some people thing photo background editing only for professionals but it’s wrong.

today we will discuss about 10 best background eraser apps in 2020 This application easily remove background of any photos in just a seconds and allow you to save that photo in high quality

Best Background Eraser App 2019 For Android

1) Background Remover Pro

experience with background remover like never before the background eraser app erases your background on your photos withing some seconds and add any type of background on photos you can use it auto or manually so go and have fun with it.

Features :-

Crop tool : Bg remover app supports two types of cropping like hand crop and rectangle crop. Hand crop is free crop to make easy erasing. Just draw around the image & it will auto remove background.

Auto eraser / Magic eraser Cut out:

  • ->Select auto bg erase cut out option and adjust intensity.
  • ->By using your finger touch on the image and it will auto remove.
  • ->Its very easy and fast to remove background & cut off.

Manual Eraser Cut out:

  • ->Use your finger & touch on image to remove portion of image.
  • ->Adjust brush size to erase image more efficiently.
  • ->Select scale/zoom option to scale image.

Image editor Cut out:

  • -> Select & add background images from the category of specially designed photos.
  • -> add image from gallery to set as new background of image.
  • -> Unique color option to create passport photo by adding color backgrounds like white background for making the beautiful photography backdrops.
  • -> Use flip option to flip image horizontally.
  • -> Adjust opacity of image using opacity or fade image.
[appbox googleplay screenshots com.appwallet.backgroundremoverpro ]

2) Simple Background Changer

are you looking photo editing app for background erase then this app best for you. Simple background changer give you full control on cutting image.

Features of simple background changer
– different brush types and change size
– smoothing effect
– beautiful Hd backgrounds
– zoom in and zoom out

Simple background changer app is easy to use just choose photo and erase background with finger touch and change background from hd background collection with your own photo from gallery.

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.coolapps.backgroundchanger ]

3) Background Eraser:

its another best app for background eraser this app easily remove your background on photo in simple way

Features of background eraser :-

  • -manual erase
  • -lasso erase
  • -restore
  • -undo, redo and zoom
  • -you can add text on your photo
  • – you can add stickers ( emojis icons) on your photos

Background eraser by using this app you can do it better try now And share any of your social networks.

[appbox googleplay screenshots]

4) MagiCut :

it’s another best app for background eraser this app easily remove your photo background and save it good size.

Features of magiCut:

  • – art filter
  • – free pussle
  • – 3d backgrounds
  • – fusion
  • – text
  • – blur
  • – template
  • – beauty
  • – graffiti
  • – repair

With magicut you can create stunning custom pictures by using simple taps so go and enjoy with magicut.

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.energysh.onlinecamera1]

5) Cut Out :

if you want change the background of photo to a very attractive and beautiful background then use cut out and it have hd quality which will make your photo more beautiful.

Features of cut out:

  • – cutting image is very easy
  • – background remover with all tools
  • – stickers
  • – text editor
  • – allow to select a background from your gallery

This app is very easy to remove background and add hd quality background on it so go and try cut out.

[appbox googleplay screenshots  com.appwallet.CutOut]

Best Photo Background Changer App For iPhone

6) Magic Eraser Background Eraser

this app for iPhone and best for background eraser it’s easy to use and easy to share with friends this app provide you some good categories background like sea beach, temple, sun set etc.

Features of magic eraser:

  • – save as pnj or jpg format
  • – import photo from any size and export up to 2048px
  • – undo, redo and zoom
  • – restore

Magic eraser is best app for background eraser so go and fun with it.

Download for :- iPhone

7) Background Eraser – pic editor

It’s another app for iPhone user with this app you can easily remove your photo background in a very simple way

Features of background eraser:
– advance erasing tools
– undo, redo and zoom
– restore
– save and share

With background eraser your photo editing experience is like never before let’s try it.

Download For :-  Iphone

8) Background Eraser – superimpose

It’s another app for iPhone With background eraser you can easily remove background of your photos and save it in high quality it’s easy to use

Features of background eraser:

  • – crop and adjust effect with 9 adjustment
  • – undo, redo and zoom
  • – restore
  • – save in hd quality and share

With background eraser app you can save your background erased photo in hd quality so go and try.

Downlod For :- iPhone

9) Background Eraser Ultimate

it’s another app for iPhone. Background eraser provide a fast and easy way to change photos background.

Features of background eraser :

  • – crop and save it in hd quality
  • – undo, redo and zoom
  • – restore
  • – save and share

With background eraser your experience is so much fun and make you perfect in background erasing so go and try it

Download for :- iPhone

10) Background Remover – Remove background :

with this app you can easily remove background from your photos and save it pnj or jpg formats.

Features of remover background:

  • – auto eraser
  • -manual erase
  • -lasso eraser
  • -restore
  • – undo, redo and zoom
  • – image editing

This app quickly remove background of your photo so go and try it.

Download For :- iPhone

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Conclusion : so these are top 10 best background eraser app for android and iPhone 2019 with you can remove your photo background in simple ways and use this photos on any other apps if you like this article so please share it with your friends and colleagues and also comment your review about this article.

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